100 Armor
90 Health
40 Shells
50 Nails
15 Rockets
30 Cells

+Gren1    Regular Grenade
+Gren2    Gas Grenade

Drop1    Ammo Trap (Takes all ammo/grens from enemies)
Drop2    Toaster
Drop3    Camera
Drop4    Place Minisentry (Engineer must build one for you)

1    Knife
2    Tranquilizer Gun
3    Double Barrel Shotgun
4    Mac 10
8    Grappling Hook (Uses 25 cells)

Disguise    Brings up disguise menu to change to an enemy disguise
Feign        Feign Death (Makes you look like a dead body fooling the enemy)

Key Bindings: (replace ? with desired key)
bind ? disguise
bind ? feign
bind ? drop1
bind ? drop2
bind ? drop3
bind ? drop4
bind ? +gren1
bind ? +gren2