50 Armor
80 Health
50 Shells
50 Nails
30 Rockets
200 Cells

+Gren1    Regular Grenade
+Gren2    EMP Grenade

Drop1    Magnet Mine
Drop2    Toaster
Drop3    Laser Drone
Drop4    Drop Minisentry (for spy)

1    Spanner
2    Railgun/Super Railgun
3    Double Barrel Shotgun

Build    Brings up the build menu to build a Dispencer, Sentry or Tesla Coil.
Dropammo    Brings up a menu to make ammo for other players (Must have enough cells)

Sentries cost 130 cells to build/upgrade.
Tesla costs 150 to build, 100 to upgrade.
Dispencer costs 125 to build.
Dispencers make ammo after a while.

Key Bindings: (replace ? with desired key)
bind ? build
bind ? dropammo
bind ? drop1
bind ? drop2
bind ? drop3
bind ? drop4
bind ? +gren1
bind ? +gren2