cmd help attrib: Attribute Points can be spent on the following:
1 - Health (Higher health attributes allow better armor types)
2 - Armor (Percent increase in total armor).
3 - Rage (Players inflict and receive more damage).
4 - Misc (Monsters loot lasts longer, and pentagram and quad drop possibility).
5 - Ammo (Increases max ammo and higher levels increase max grens).
6 - Critical Strike (small percent chance to inflict 4x damage).
7 - Quick Reload (Reload time decreased by 33%).
8 - Minion Summon (Summon minion(s) to fight for you).
9 - Quick shot (Faster fire rate for non-automatic weapons).
10 - Clip Extender (Increases clip size on all weapons).
11 - Projectile speed (Increases speed of rockets, tranq, rails, flames, etc).
Max spending points per attribute 10. When spending, its 1 point for 1, 2 points for 2, 3 points for 3, etc for all attributes. All masters are at 7 points per attribute.